Seeing the the pain and suffering of those physically dependent or addicted on prescription drugs and alcohol, regardless of their profession or education, it became clear that a free information resource was necessary to make understanding today’s drugs and treatment options possible. This site was built by Novus Medical Detox as an educational tool to provide answers to drug use, drug side effects, drug withdrawal symptoms, and how to find safe and effective alcohol and drug treatment options.


Novus Medical Detox has created this web site to make it possible for anyone to educate themselves on the effects of the most commonly used prescription drugs and the treatment options available when someone becomes dependent or addicted. We believe everyone has the right to know what effects these drugs can have on them, or on the ones they love, and the right to have an easily understood resource for information on how to safely undergo drug detox when they have decided they no longer want to be dependent on alcohol or drugs.



Follow the links below for the most comprehensive, accurate and impartial information on drugs, alcohol, drug rehab and drug detox gathered together in one place anywhere on the internet, and perhaps anywhere at all.