We’ll help you navigate the maze of information…

You have looked and found so many options, so much advice, numerous “cures”, how do you know what is right for you or your loved one?

Since every individual is different, each drug situation unique, how do you find the answer that will work for you?

Where do you start?

First of all, take the time to educate yourself.

You need to know:

  • The distinction between addiction and dependency
  • The consequences of different drugs
  • How the solutions differ depending on the drug you are taking

  • The difference between detox and rehab and which you may need
  • More about prescription drugs versus street drugs
  • In these pages are the answers to these and many more questions you might have.


You can also pick up the phone and call 844-707-9717 and have your questions answered by a Novus Detox Advisor.

Then once you have an understanding of the scope of the problem and the solution, you need to decide to handle the problem here and now…. no more waiting until every aspect of your life is impacted by the drugs or seeing if you can try one more time to handle it yourself.

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