Detox Information

A medical drug detox is needed to safely withdraw from alcohol and many of the drugs discussed on this site. Medical detoxification refers to the medically supervised process of withdrawing someone from a substance that can be dangerous to stop abruptly, or “cold turkey”.


Good medical detox is not ‘one-size-fits-all’. The safest, most effective and most comfortable medical detox protocol is personalized, designed scientifically around each patient’s unique metabolism, DNA, and health situation.

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Outpatient detox involves withdrawing from drugs or alcohol at home or elsewhere, with a supervising physician ‘on-call’ but no doctor or nurse present to deal with potentially dangerous physiological or behavioral events.

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Detox at home refers to usually-unsuccessful attempts to get through withdrawal from drugs or alcohol at home, or anywhere else, without any medical supervision. Suddenly stopping drugs or alcohol, called ‘cold turkey’, can be extremely dangerous.

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Rapid drug detox generally refers to an extremely risky process where opiate-dependent patients are put under general anesthesia for up to six or more hours, and while unconscious injected with drugs that force physical withdrawal.

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